Balkans beyond Borders Short Film Festival 2012

Tirana Art Lab – Centre for Contemporary Art and Balkans Beyond Borders present: 

Balkans beyond Borders Short Film Festival 2012
TALK TO ME- multilingualism and communication
20-21-22 of September at Tirana Ekspres.
 A Film Festival celebrating Balkan Diversity that travels each year to a different city in the Balkans.
Balkans Beyond Borders is dedicated to encouraging young film makers to express themselves on issues relevant to their region and lives, building bridges between the peoples of the Balkans. 
After Belgrade and Athens, the Balkans Beyond Borders film festival comes to Tirana for its 3rd edition. 
This year’s festival tackles the topical subject of multilingualism and communication and is a call-to-action for young people to engage actively. It is about communication in all its forms: either through language or other means of expression. The Balkans are known for their culture, traditions and multilingualism and it is exactly this diversity that we see as an added value, an opportunity to share and exchange our experience.
Celebrating Balkan diversity, multilingualism and communication, the 3rd edition of the festival brings together a selection of 30 short films from Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece, Montenegro, Kosovo, Slovenia, Turkey, Romania, Serbia, Moldova, Belgium and Italy. All selected films are created by young filmmakers up to the age of 30 from the Balkan region and beyond (Southeast Europe). 
This year the films were pre-selected by the pre-selection Committee composed of Violana Murataj, BBB’s Albanian Ambassador (Albania), Myra Stylianou (Greece), film director and  Stepan Altrichter (Czech Republic), film director and Adela Demetja (Albania), Art Director of BBB. The Final Jury that will select this year’s Best Film brings together Mr. Joni Shanaj, film director and president of the jury (Albania), Mr. Yorgos Zois film maker (Greece) and Mr. Idro Seferi journalist and writer (Kosovo).
The festival will also include a selection of German short films from the 7th EDITION AT THE CLERMONT-FERRAND SHORT FILM FESTIVAL 2012. These projects will not be part of the film competition.  A music program with D.J MINIMIM, the folk-rock music band KANUN and Ilir Kryekurti, Gentian Rushi and Band, will accompany the three day film festival. 
Come and join us at Tirana Ekspres at this film fest celebrating Balkan diversity. 
The festival is supported by European Fund for the Balkans:
The Programme
Thursday 20 September 2012
18:00 – 19:00 
Budapest Backwards, Fiction, 10:09min, Jeroen Sebrechts, Belgium 2011
Two friends, Fiction, 20:51min, Edlira Baholli, Albania 2010 
A day of a clear weather, Documentary, 4:03 min, Odeta Cunaj and Alketa Ramaj, Albania 2010
Rainbow, Fiction, 14:15 min, Alexandra Suta, Romania 2011
Book, Documentary, 8:15 min, Elton Baxhaku, Albania 2011 
Burek, Video art, 3.26 min, Francesco Conte, Italy 2011


19:15 – 20:15
Between Edison and Tesla, Fiction, 11:54 min, Mircea Bobînă, Moldova 2011
Family cabaret, Fiction, 6:00 min, Damir Bašić, Bosnia and Herzegovina 2011
When I die you can do what you want, Video Art, 19:24 min
Adela Jusic, Bosnia and Herzegovina 2011
Homecoming, Fiction/experimental, 03:27 min, Berat Brestovci, Kosovo 2010
RF, Fiction, 19 min, Stavros Liokalos, Greece 2011


20:30 – 21: 30
Siginificant other, Fiction, 15:19 min, Deyan Bararev, Bulgaria 2011
Check and Mate, Video Art/Fiction, 6:06 min, Stas Ciorescu, Moldova 2011
Scrap material, Documentary, 16.06 min, Stefan Ivancic, Serbia 2011
Menu, Video Art, 5:27 min, Djamo Daniel Nicolae, Romania 2011
At least we’ve met, Documentary, 14.52 min, Marko Grba Singh, Serbia 2011


22:00 – Open end
D.J set MINIMIM (Al)
Friday 21 September

 18:00 – 19:00

Today I eat white chocolate, Documentary, 29:30 min, George Buzoianu, Romania 2011
Trust in me, Video Art, 4:14 min, Bojana Rajević, Serbia 2011
Border, Documentary, 20:50 min, Yana Nikolova, Bulgaria 2010
Is this your language?  Video Art, 1min, Andrea Zrno, Croatia 2009


19:30 – 20:30
Beyond the river, Fiction, 20 min, Sabir Kanaqi, Montenegro 2011
What dog dreams, Video Art, 3:40 min, Boris Celic, Serbia 2011
Era, Fiction, 24:03 min, Besim Ugzmajli, Albania 2011
Passion, Documentary, 6:23 min, Simeon Daberdaku, Albania 2011
Behind the silence, Fiction, 11:25 min, Erman Zambak, Turkey 2011


20:30 – 22:00
Special Guest Program (Out of competition)
SOIRÉE ALLEMANDE – A crush on german short films
7th Edition at the Clemonte-Ferrand short film festival 2012


Paulina, Fiction, 24 min, Lynn Kossler, Germany 2011
The flies (The Birds II), Experimental, 7 min, Susann Maria Hempel, Germany 2010
Centrifugal force, Documentary, 17 min, Marie Elisa Scheidt, Germany 2011
The house, Animation, 7 min, David Buob, Germany 2011
Armadingen, Fiction, 23 min, Philipp Käßbohrer, Germany 2011
How to raise the moon, Animation, 9 min, Anja Stuck, Germany/Denmark 2011
Symphony of fools, Fiction, 5 min, Volker Heymann, Germany 2011
The centrifuge brain project, Fiction, 7 min, Till Nowak, German 2011


22:00 – 24:00
Live Concert with the Rock-Folk Band “KANUN” (Al)


Saturday 22 September


18:00 – 19:00
Special Guest Programme (Out of competition)
 Sunset from a rooftop, 13min, Marinus Gruthof, The Netherlands 2011
Selected from Thessaloniki International Short Film Festival 2011
Guests are about to arrive, 14:15min, Tea Lukac, Serbia 2012
Selected from Naoussa International Film Festival 2012
Casus belli, 10min, Yorgos Zois, Greece (Member of the BBB Jury)
My mother´s colours, Violana Murataj, Albania (Member of the BBB Jury) 
19:15 – 20:45
We wanted workers, Documentary, 28.45 min, Djuro Gavran, Croatia 2011
Childrens work, Fiction, 21.24min, Olti Hatillari, Albania 2010
Sweetheart eater, Fiction, 7:45 min, Rahela Jagric, Slovenia 2011
Deeds and words, Fiction, 15:00 min, Amos Zaharia, Albania 2010
Saturady cigarettes, Fiction, 11:00 min, Aldi Karaj, Albania 2011
Award ceremony
Live Concert  from  Ilir Kryekurti, Gentian Rushi and Band (Al)





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