Double Feature

Double Feature is an exhibition format introduced by Tirana Art Lab with the aim of systematically displaying in our premises, two artistic positions to the Albanian, the regional and international audience.

By exhibiting two artistic positions together, we would like to construct the ground for contextualization of the artists and their works as well as build up a historical narrative necessary for the developments of contemporary art in Albania and the Region. The structure of the event enables us to pair artistic positions with every exhibition differently, making it possible to create mutual connections and references for both the positions. Especially in the Albanian context such exhibition format is needed and can be very successful. The small scale of the project enables us as organizers to engage deeply with the artists, the works and the context as well as enables the public to have a greater accessibility to a small-scale showcase.

We primarily aim in conceptualizing; curating and delivering exhibitions with a high artistic quality and relevance as well as to motivate and create a space for discussion starting for the discourses initiated by the art works.

Double Feature is a series of exhibition that will bring together national and international positions; positions from different disciplines; positions belonging to different generations. The creation of a dialogue between the two positions in relation with the history of art will be ensured by detailed exhibition text, artist talks, documentation through publication, interviews, photo documentation, video material etc.

Curators and organizers of the series Adela Demetja & Romeo Kodra


Double Feature’ ёshtё njё format eventesh qё Tirana Art Lab do tё aplikojё nё mёnyrё sistematike pёr t’i prezantuar publikut shqiptar, rajonal dhe ndёrkombёtar, nё njё hapёsirё tё vetme dhe nё njё dialog tё pёrbashkёt, dy pozicionime artistike.

Me pozicionimin e pёrbashkёt tё dy artistёve, duam tё kontekstualizojmё artistёt dhe punёt e tyre si dhe tё krijojmё njё narrativё historike tё nevojshme pёr zhvillimin e artit bashkёkohor nё Shqipёri dhe Rajon. Struktura e eventit na mundёson fleksibilitet nё kombinimin binar tё pozicionimeve artistike nё çdo ekspozitё, qё pёrkthehet nё krijimin e ndёrlidhjeve dhe referencave reciproke tё dy pozicionimeve.

Kryesisht na intereson konceptualizimi, kurimi dhe organizimi i ekspozitave me cilёsi dhe relevacё artistike, si dhe krijimi i hapёsirёs pёr diskutim, e cila gjenerohet nga punёt e ekspozuara.

“Double Feature” ёshtё njё seri ekspozitash qё do tё ndёrlidhё sёbashku pozicionime kombёtare dhe ndёrkombёtare, pozicionime tё disiplinave tё ndryshme, pozicionime tё gjeneratave tё ndryshme.

Konceptar dhe Kuruar nga Adela Demetja & Romeo Kodra