Double Feature # 7 / Donika Çina & Hanna Hildebrand

Double Feature # 7
Donika Çina & Hanna Hildebrand
Opening 30 September 2017, 7 p.m
30 September – 4 November 2017
Wed-Sat 4-8 pm

Curated by Adela Demetja

Assistant Curator: Eni Derhemi

In Double Feature # 7, Tirana Art Lab brings together the works of Albanian artist Donika Çina and Italian-born artist Hanna Hildebrand. The exhibition is conceived around the practice of the two artists, which aims to explore and grasp the cognitive processes through their personal experiences in the societies they are part of and the encounters with others. What distinguishes their practices but also connects the two artists is their focus on the process, be it the recognition, the understanding, the exchange or the creative process. Though, their aim consists in simultaneously decoding the process in form while experiencing it. Visual representations and aesthetic regime are therefore the realms in which they partake, intervene, operate and negotiate with their works. Being aware of the supremacy of form, appearance and aesthetics, their works challenge the visual instead of legitimating it and by continuously questioning it. As it becomes clear from their statements and works, both Çina and Hildebrand try to avoid firm specifications, classifications and explanations. By being paradoxical their works becom sites of permanent meaning negations and therefore almost impossible to be colonized or capitalised by power structures. (Adela Demetja)

Donika Çina was born in 1988 in Korça, Albania, studied at Academy of Arts in Tirana Albania, University of Arts and Design Cluj-Napoka Romania and at University of Arts Braunschweig, Germany. She lives in Tirana, Albania. Her works have been exhibited in numerous exhibitions including; Ardhja Award, Zeta Gallery Tirana; Tirana Open 1 Book and Art Festival, Tirana; Archivitionism (archivism-activism-exhibitionism), Galeria Plan B Cluj-Napoca, Romania; Autopia Cycle, Eliava Market,Tbilisi, Georgia; The Office Tirana, National Gallery Tirana, Albania and Museo Orientale, Torino, Italy; Guri Madhi Prize, Korçe, Albania.

Hanna Hildebrand was born 1978 in Como, Italy, studied at Städelschule Frankfurt/Main, Germany, lives and works in Berlin and nomadically. Her works and performances have been part of numerous exhibitions and events including; Manifesta 11, Zurich, Switzerland; Double Feature Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt/Main, Germany; Che c’é di nuovo, Museo Cantonale Arte Lugano, Switzerland; Friendship toward strangers, Gumcheon Art Space, Seoul, Korea; Swiss Art Award 2013, Messe Platz, Basel, Switzerland; Biennale del Mediterraneo, Bjcem, Ancona, Italy; Collecting identities: I stay therefore we are produced by Collezione di Carrozzeria Margot, in Osloo Floating Danish Pavillion by FOS, 54 Venice Biennale, Venezia, Italy; The great game to come, Kunstverein, Frankfurt/Main, Germany; Neue Konzepte, Bonner Kunstverein, Bonn, Germany; Dude, where is my career?, Portikus, Frankfurt/Main, Germany

Double Feature #7 is supported by Albanian Culture Ministry.