Double Feature # 8 / Marina Naprushkina & Ergin Zaloshnja

Double Feature # 8
Marina Naprushkina & Ergin Zaloshnja
Curated by Adela Demetja
Opening Saturday, 11 November 2017, 7 p.m
15 November – 30 December 2017
Wed-Sat 4-8 pm















Double Feature # 8 brings together the works of Belarus-born artist Marina Naprushkina and Albanian artist Ergin Zaloshnja. The exhibition is conceived around the social engaged artistic practice and activist role of the artist in society. Both artists understand art and artistic practice as a way to communicate and negotiate in the public realm and as a device to reflect and criticize power structures.

Marina Naprushkina was born 1981 in Minsk, Belarus and lives and works in Berlin Germany. She is a political artist and activist working in the media of painting, video, and installation. Since 2007 she runs the Office for Anti-Propaganda, which participates in and organizes political actions and also publishes newspapers. Her current project is “New Neighborhood//Moabit” the neighborhood initiative to support refugees, which started as a single initiative „Neue Nachbarschaft“ and grew up to one of the largest initiative in Berlin supporting refugees.

Ergin Zaloshnja was born in 1979 Tirana and lives and works in Tirana, Albania. He is an engaged and activist artist working in the media of photography, installation and video. He is the founder of the political and sub-culture fanzine “Sputnik”.

Double Feature #8 is supported by Albanian Culture Ministry.