Continuum Antez Concert #4

MUSIC/ART Collaborations Concert #4
Percussion solo performance
Antez (France)
20. December 2014 at 7 p.m.

As part of the Music and Art Collaborations series, we are happy to invite you at our next event, featuring the work of French experimental musician and artists Antez. At Tirana Art Lab Antez will perform Continuum, a music piece of rubbed percussions. Its characteristic is? the acoustic emission of sounds. Continuum has unusual sonic textures, they escape traditional percussion registers. They test the limits of perception: from infra to ultrasonic, by playing phase shifts. They insert themselves into the intimacy of sound matter, through micro sounds, and we are presented with an audio saturation by noise density. At the same time the flow of these sounds evokes restraint and excess, immersion and timelessness.

Antez is a percussionist and sculptor who explores the sound materiality. He calls his instruments: devices. Antez studied drums with the musician Jacques Givry, electro-acoustic music with composer Xavier Garcia. He is active as improvised music performer, sound installation author, also works for theatre, dance and film. He was nominated “Logos Award” for the best concert 2012, winner of Belluard Bolwerk International contest 2002. Antez played in: Art moulu, La Cellule d’Intervention Metamkine, A contrario; collaborates with Abîme, La Sallie, Ile désirée and musicians Yann Gourdon, Seijiro Murayama, Tim Hodgkinson, Joris Ruhl, Jérôme Noëtinger.

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