Metamorphic Narratives, Concert #3

Tirana Art Lab – Center for Contemporary Art is pleased to present as part of the MUSIC/ART Collaboration:

Metamorphic Narratives, Concert #3
By Ilir Lluka
Audiovisual Live Performance

Duration Approx. 40 min
08, August 2014, 8 p.m.
Art Kontakt Festival 2014
Kalaja e Ali Pashë Tepelenës, Porto Palermo, Himarë, Albania

Ilir Lluka’s most recent audio-visual project Matamorphic Narratives is the result of a complex fieldwork research and studio composition, for which he has been working the last six months. His artistic practice, a reconciliation of image, sound and voice; deals with questions of human intimate perception of the present and its relation with past and future. The territory of Lluka’s audio-visual performances turns into a fourth dimension where time-space-world functions as a tribute to the contemporary, creating an illusionary moment. The spectator is challenged to embrace the present as an infinite moment, as a permanent delay where both segments of past and future representations amalgamate, ensuring the occurrence of the contemplative process as the ultimate experience of the present. Metamorphic Narratives that will be conducted in an a 19th century castle, remote from industrialised city space, invites us to engage with a long-drawn imaginary transformation from rural to urban landscape. The piece starts with the solid sound of electronic brass instrument (a combination of trombone, French horn, superbone) contributing to the creation of syntaxes accompanying the rather abstract slowly progressive visual imagery. Whenever the images become figurative the sound tends to prescind in abstraction, constituting the unification of both image and sound into a metamorphic abstract narration. The third intrinsically element almost always present in Lluka’s works, is the voice. Fragments of human voices captured in the streets of Tirana are introduced in the piece as known identification rudiments for the public. Despite the play with language as recognizable component, the fragmentary usage of the voice leads to an increased level of abstraction. The final stage of the performance will be reached during the live conduction of the piece, where the pre-composed material will be submitted to improvisation process and location specificity. Matamorphic Narratives is a challenging composition, urging us to contemplatively engage with the act of hearing and viewing, by questioning the usage of sound, voice and image as tools in popular audio-visual practices of representation.

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