Opening  28. September 2016, 7 p.m
29 September – 29 October 2016
Wed-Sat 4-8 pm

Arber Elezi, Piramida, Akrilik ne Telajo 145 x 145 cm Arbër Elezi, Piramida, acrylic on canvas, 145 x 145 cm

In this second exhibition dedicated to emerging Albanian artists for 2016, Tirana Art Lab has chosen Arbër Elezi, Igli Marion and Lori Lako. Their selection did not come as a result of a competition between the participants. Firstly, what determined their selection was the common ability to problematize current issues and emergencies of the context where they live, or have been born to, as well expressing them through artistic languages; secondly, their artistic engagement to resist pressure; and, lastly, coherence, not only to resist, but to be inspired from contemporary realities.
The linking bridge between the artists and Tirana Art Lab is precisely this individual resistance; a resistance inspired from events of the contemporary reality that are as much catastrophic as they are tragic, from which art takes off, not as an antithesis, but as an alternative to reality. The issues that inspire the works of the artists that are exhibited at TAL, are conspicuous (January 21st – Arbër Elezi; urban and social ruins – Lori Lako; the vices of the neoliberal “new man” – Igli Marion). But their approaches towards them are unexpected. Arbëri, Igli, Lori do not inform us about the problems. They do not even give an unknown facet, they do not counter-inform, as it is done with conspiracy theories. For them every information is deformation. But, where does the unexpected novelty of their art take foundation?
To answer this question we strived to give the decoding cypher of the selected works, organizing the exhibition space around one of them. All together – artists and curators – decided to choose as point of departure the work of Arbër Elezi, “Viviere” (video placed on the floor), which delineates through the sound the exhibition’s space. Elezi’s “Vivere” is the radix of an artistic journey that has generated, now for years, artistic works in different media (video-art, photography, painting, installation and performance).


ARBËR ELEZI – Born in Berat, 1988, has graduated with the highest grade at the Academy of Fine Arts, Florence, Italy. His work, exhibited in Italy and Albania, is noted for the multiplicity in medias like painting, video-art, installation, performance and photography, with the inclination to explore and exhaust all the shapes of artistic research.

IGLI MARION – Born in Fier, 1988, has graduated for Finance and International Markets at the Uinversity of Ferrara, Italy. Engaged in several exhibitions in Italy, Albania, France and Germany he mainly works with the medium of painting. As an autodidact, he is noted for his expressive work, that often is organized in entire cycles on the same thematic.

LORI LAKO – Born in Pogradec, 1991, has graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts, Florence, Italy. Her main works, exhibited in Italy, Albania and Germany are in media such as video, photography and painting, where an important role takes the artistic research on socio-historic issues and heterotopic and heterochronic spaces of the societies in transition.