Smoke. Biomechanics of Power

„Smoke. Biomechanics of Power“
NICO ANGIULI Artist in Residency
30 May – 5 June 2015
Opening: Saturday, 30th May, 7 P.M.

Nico Angiuli, the second artist in residency for 2015 will present the outcome of his research that started last year during his first stay as a resident at Tirana Art Lab. The project “The tools` dance. Tobacco” was developed during the course of one year based on a research focused in the city of Shkodra. The research and the work produced during his residency at Tirana Art Lab is part of an ongoing project on the techniques and technologies of rural societies, in post-industrial Mediterranean area in collaboration with local communities and farmers, artists, dancers, historians and experts of agricultural mechanization. The final aim is to create a video archive of gestures linked to the main agricultural crops in Western societies.
In Shkodra Nico Angiuli together with a group of local workers and artists, researched on the cultivation and production of tobacco. Taking the cultivation of tobacco in Albania and its historical, social, economical and cultural developments as a starting point enabled Angiuli to work with archive materials in Albania and Italy, meet with local experts, artists, historians that led him finally in the realisation of complex project. The exhibition “Smoke. Biomechanics of Power” at Tirana Art Lab will consists of three video works realized in Albania, a sculpture installation as well as a display of a selection of materials collected during his research. An exhibition investigating the relationship between agriculture, power and labour.

This residency and exhibition is made possible with the support of Project DE.MO./Movin’Up II session 2014.
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