“Art in Between the Reflection of Political Power and Creative Resistance.”
Romeo Kodra – Tirana Art Lab
22. May 2015 at 7 p.m

Video of TAL TALKS #1
“This seminar, which is a continuation of the collaboration with Tirana Art Lab, is born of an urge to concretize and share with researchers, artists, art lovers, an individual research on the mutual influence of artistic phenomena and politics on the Albanian context.
The seminar does not aim at defining WHAT Albanian art and politics are but, rather, HOW they are. Its objective is not form or formalism but production and the product. It is not the definition of these two terms but the synthesis.
Since the term seminar etymologically derives from Latin and, in terms of meaning, is closely related to sowing or planting, we thought it the most fitting mean of cultivating an interest in this artistic – political synthesis because, in the Albanian context – understood as an autonomous state and power – it is precisely this synthesis which, more than anything else, has influenced this nation’s culture and society for more than 100 years.
Finally, the seminar will be a review of the falls and declines, the rebirths and reconstructions of this synthesis which is concretized in an increasingly monumentalized manner in the Albanian public spaces which, therefore paradoxically, becomes gradually more alienating for the Albanian public.” (Romeo Kodra)